PSC CIDC to Congress: Drop Arbitrary Restriction on Use of Contracts

Arlington, VA, July 31, 2015—The Professional Services Council’s Council of International Development Companies yesterday wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee’s State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee opposing a provision in its 2016 appropriations bill that restricts funding for democracy programs almost exclusively to grants and corporative agreements.  Read the full press release. 

Making Positive Social Impact an Everyday Part of International Business

Written by Charito Kruvant and Bradford Strickland of Creative Associates International,  “Making Positive Social Impact an Everyday Part of International Business: How the Private Sector Can Use International Development Companies to Improve Their Triple Bottom Line,” discusses the effect of increased international funding by multi-national firms as they seek to meet the social needs of foreign governments and their citizens, improve environmental sustainability, and generate earnings for their company, the so-called “triple bottom line.” Kruvant and Strickland write that the expertise IDCs accrued assisting USAID for decades allows for a logical and ready transition from assisting the U.S. government to corporations trying to achieve the same results, particularly as the level of U.S. foreign assistance undergoes downward pressure while multi-national organizations continue to increase their spending.

Download your copy here.


Member Thoughts: Stepping Up to CLA

By Jonathan Darling, CEO, TRG

Over the past few years, Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) has become an increasingly important concept within the USAID community.  Formal steps have been taken to build CLA into the program cycle, and USAID Missions around the world have begun to embrace the approach in a variety of ways.  As Implementing Partners, it’s essential for us to understand CLA, and to be sure we are fulfilling our responsibilities in contributing to CLA’s objectives.  Ultimately, CLA is entirely consistent with what we all are trying to accomplish in our work – better development results.  It’s also consistent with how we prefer to work – in a more open, transparent relationship with our client that supports dialog, risk taking, and the opportunity make corrective improvements over the course of our programs. Read more.






The 2015 CIDC Executive Advisory Board Members:

Susi Mudge, President & CEO, Chemonics (chair)
Charito Kruvant, CEO, Creative
Jim Boomgard, CEO, DAI
Cristina Mossi, CEO, Devis*
Mihir Desai, President, Dexis*
Tessie Catsambas, CEO, EnCompass*
Larry Cooley, CEO, MSI*
Jan Auman, President, Tetra Tech
Jonathan Darling, President, TRG*
Barbara Turner, President & CEO, URC


 * New EAB Member